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Our law firm has advised technology companies since its foundation, and litigation support services are part of our core business.

We specialize in litigation of issues relevant to high-tech companies. We have engaged in forensic activity in the areas of general contract and commercial law (involving all forms of distribution) for many years, and are experienced in all types of IT and IP disputes, to multiple injunction proceedings in cases of suspected source code theft. For example, we represented Facebook in its widely publicized German litigation against StudiVZ and successfully negotiated an out-of-court settlement. We also conducted and successfully concluded a number of preliminary injunction proceedings concerning suspected source code theft and divulgence of business and trade secrets on behalf of a leading supplier of tax consultant software and represented numerous clients in major patent license proceedings, vindication proceedings, and damage suits.

One of our key services is developing an effective litigation strategy. For example, we advise the world's leading software manufacturer on strategies for combating product activities, collection and preservation of evidence, cooperation with various types of authorities, criminal prosecutions (including seizure of counterfeit goods and recovery of profits), injunctions, sequestrations, and damage suits, as well as investigating the entire infringement chain (through all distribution levels. This expertise enables us not only to guide our clients to a successful resolution of a dispute, but also to develop an effective overall litigation strategy and to provide crucial assistance in the preparation process, addressing issues such as choosing between civil or criminal proceedings and other possible actions such as customers seizures or cease and desist letters and determining the addresses, the proper venue, and the type of proceedings (interim injunction or final relief proceedings). Our litigation services encompass representing our clients in arbitration proceedings, including proceedings under ICC, DIS, CAS or WIPO rules.

Our extensive dispute resolution experience has enabled us to develop a keen understanding of what to bear in mind when drafting and negotiating major project and technology agreements. Passing on this expertise to our transaction teams rounds out the range of our services.

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